2023 Hurricane Blowoff

2023 Hurricane Blowoff

The award ceremony will be held at NOBO in Boynton beach on April 29th at 3:00 and will also be streamed. Check back here or Facebook for details.

There is a new PINK BEER category consistent with our pink Palm-Beachy logo! Your PINK beer must taste “PINK” as well as look PINK. Judges will have a long leash to determine what this means! Be creative! ThinkPINK! DrinkPINK! (Beer only).
Judging is mostly online this year, through Reggie with electronic scoresheets. More details to come, but each judge will have to pick up their flights. We are looking into railroading entries to the Treasure Coast and Ft. Lauderdale, so don’t be shy! Enter as a judge! We especially need mead and cider judges.
We are accepting beers, ciders and meads!

NO entries containing any form of cannabis, THC, CBD, or any other drug besides unadulterated ethyl alcohol are accepted and are PROHIBITED!
Entry Window Opens: February 24
Entry Window Closes: March 31 (entries must be received)
Award Ceremony: April 29
Total Entries: 200
Cost Per Entry: $10
Entry Limit Per Brewer: 3
Maximum of ONE entry per brewer per sub-style
Entries will be evaluated based on the 2021 BJCP guidelines.

Drop Off Location:
Bring to a meeting or drop off or ship to the address below:
Hurricane Blowoff
1616 North Florida Mango Rd
Unit C-12
West Palm Beach, Florida
IF SHIPPING: PLEASE ensure that your bottles are sealed securely and packed safely. Packages with any broken or leaking bottles may be discarded if deemed unsafe.

The Hurricane Blowoff Competition is open to all home brewers. No commercial entries or entries brewed at a commercial establishment will be accepted.

How to Enter
Each entry will consist of three (3), 10 to 16 ounce bottles, which must be brown or green colored glass only. All bottles must be free of ink name-brand lettering, and paper labels. 12-16 oz cans will also be accepted. Raised “NO DEPOSIT”, or manufacturing codes are acceptable, as are Sam Adams-style bottles which contain minimal raised glass. Bottle caps must be blacked out to eliminate any identifying markings or graphics. Meads & Ciders may be entered in 6 to 12 oz bottles. No 22 ounce bombers, 750 ml bottles or plastic bottles are permitted. Bottles not meeting these requirements will be disqualified. Grolsch-type or swing top bottles are not eligible. Bottles not meeting these requirements may be disqualified. If you have any questions about bottle eligibility, please contact Competition Organizer Bob Friedman at pbpain at yahoo.com.
Entries will be accepted starting on Feb 24 and must be received by 5 pm on March 31. The entry fee is $10 per entry, payable via PayPal. You will have the opportunity to pay once you enter your beers through ReggieBeer:
SORRY, WE CANNOT BILL YOUR HOMEBREW CLUB FOR YOUR ENTRY. They will have to reimburse you if there is such an arrangement. Do not send checks or cash. A completed entry form must accompany every entry. Attach a completed bottle ID form to each bottle with a rubber band only. Glued or taped ID forms will not be accepted and those entries will be disqualified. UNPAID ENTRIES AS OF THE CLOSING DATE MAY BE REMOVED AND DISQUALIFIED.

All 2021 BJCP beer, mead or cider categories and associated sub-categories will be accepted in this competition. Also, a new PINK BEER category! Each entrant is responsible for placing his or her entries in the proper category-we are not mind readers (though we wish we were!). Be sure to select the correct category number and sub-category letter on your entry and bottle ID forms. All entries will be judged according to your information and classifications listed on your forms and failure to supply a fully completed entry form may result in the entry being judged in the wrong category/subcategory. The Palm Beach Draughtsmen reserve the right to combine categories depending on number of entries. Visit the BJCP @ www.bjcp.org, for a copy of the current Style Guidelines and for additional style information. First, Second, and Third place medals will be awarded for each category. A PINK beer medal will be awarded for the PINK beer category. BOS will be awarded for beer, mead, and cider.